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Thank you for visiting my website. With over twenty five years of addiction counseling experience in both Israel and the US, I work with clients who are struggling with various addictions and multiple behavioral issues. My specialty is working with youth/young adults and their families. My background in assessments and implementation of treatment plans include many aspects of effective problem solving in all areas of challenge and conflict.

My style is comprehensive and I utilize a holistic approach. I address core issues with my clients and collaborate in reconciling unhealthy coping skills with effective lifestyle changes. I provide extensive psycho-education for both clients and loved ones. Understanding the full addiction cycle and process is essential for recovery and critical for clients to not only understand, but to facilitate “re-patterning” and behavior modification. Modifying behavior includes changes in cognition and recognizing “triggers” and internal dialogue.

I am extremely knowledgeable in navigating the Israeli mental health system and highly skilled in making appropriate outside referrals, if needed.

My background in the field of addiction started in the early 1990’s when I began working at the Grove Treatment Center in Florida with drug and alcohol addicted teens. At the time I was one of the first addiction counselors in the US who was not in recovery. I worked as a Primary Addictions Counselor, Art Therapist and group leader for the parents’ educational program. Later, I served as a Counselor and Creative Arts Therapist at the Jerusalem Methadone Clinic with adult drug addicts for over ten years.

I created the “Sobar” project based on alcohol and drug free music events in Jerusalem for teens and young adults. Additionally I was the Founder and Director of the Malkat Shva Cultural Project for Ethiopian teens, struggling with assimilation into Israeli culture. The project educated them about their culture and heritage providing them with the self confidence they needed to integrate in a more successful way. www.malkatshva.net

I have a Bachelor of Science degree and Certification in Addictions and Juvenile Delinquency. Please feel free to contact me for a free initial phone consultation. Sliding scale is applicable with special consideration for new Olim and their families.

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All communications with Tracey are strictly confidential.