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Art Therapy is a very powerful tool.

As we all know, expressing ourselves in an honest and open way allows us to grow and move forward. Very often straight counseling sessions can be very threatening to clients of all ages. Researchers have shown that therapeutic sessions with creative therapists, particularly art therapists, bring up issues on an average of two weeks before traditional talk therapy.

Art therapy is the use of creative expression as a basis for communication. Rather than focusing verbally on the issues of the client, the client draws or sculpts freely - either a subject of his choice or that of the therapist.

The discussion revolves around the art piece and not directly around the client. In general, questions are asked about what was produced and based on these questions doors are opened that have generally been closed for a long time.

Sometimes the end product ads an extra dimension when the client is proud of what he has produced, but the most valuable aspect of the session is the process and the communication that has ensued.