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Dear parents,

My name is Tracey Shipley and I am an addictions counselor and teen and parent consultant. I am opening a weekly support group in English for parents of troubled teens. We will focus on practical issues as well as emotional/psychological ones.

I have over 25 years experience in the field of youth and young adult counseling both in Israel and in the US. I also have a degree in Art Therapy studies and certification in both addictions and juvenile delinquency. While working as a primary counselor and Art Therapist in a residential drug rehabilitation center in the US, I counseled teens and their parents on a variety of topics including communication skills, “red flag” detection (discerning when teens are slipping into dangerous behaviors) and understanding the addiction process.

Finally, I have personal experience here in Israel navigating "the system" and learning how to enlist the assistance of the appropriate organizations and authorities.

I would like to organize an introductory meeting of potential parent participants for some future Wednesday evening, 6:30-8:30 pm in Nachlaot at 28 Zichron Tuvia St. Cost of participation will be 25nis per session.

Individual sessions are available as well, and the support group is free for parents in individual counseling.

Very sincerely,

Tracey Shipley

All communications with Tracey are strictly confidential.